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Chigiano Casa dei Paladini il Borgo Rosa
  Detail Description of the property
Where : Chigiano San Severino Marche
City : Chigiano
Province : Macerata
Design Option : 1 to 3 bedroom homes in Historical centre  
Land : 0
Price (€) : 125000
No. of Bed Rooms : 1
MarcheRustico Fees (€): Call: + 0039 334 990 3867
Description :

The Borgo Rosa rises on the slopes of Monte San Vicino. We are in the province of Macerata in the heart of Le Marche region of Italy, on the spine of the Appenini mountains but just 40 minutes' drive from the Adriatic coast. Chigiano appears suddenly on the road from San Severino Marche to Apiro between cultivated fields and small groups of peasant homes. The hamlet of Chigiano, built around the thirteenth century, remained miraculously undamaged by environmental devastation and urban planning. A collection of stone houses, alleys, stairways and underpasses, and built in the local light pink limestone. The village of Chigiano almost completely uninhabited is evidence of inestimable heritage of local culture and tradition. Due to its structure of piazzas, stone houses, alleys, and stairways, Chigiano lends itself to provide different types and sizes of homes. An integral part of the project is establishing common areas, the recovery of piazzas, open spaces, inns and bars that once were enjoyed by inhabitants of the thirteenth century. Chigiano will be a perfect place to unwind from the stress of modern business life. There are 8 homes available in Casa dei Paladini:

Price List of Casa dei Paladini in il Borgo Rosa Chigiano

(effective September 2008)

Name of Casa

Gross Square Metres

Asking Price in Euro €

Antonio di Lorenzo


Iacopo Salimbeni



Domenico Indivini



Paolo Veneziano



Giangentile di Lorenzo



Lorenzo Salimbeni



Lorenzo d ‘Alessandro



Girolamo di Giovanni



Whats in the Area : The view of the surrounding countryside from the balcony of the village is of oak, chestnut and beech. Gaze a little further you will see the Tower of Serralta, San Francesco’s resting place along his celebrated walk, the clifftop village of Elcito, vineyards and fruit trees. You will hear birds singing, wind rushing and feel the heat of the sun. You will not be reminded of any modern noise such is the tranquillity. Nearby towns of San Severino Marche, Matelica, Tolentino, and Macerata are within 30 minutes drives from Chigiano. The beaches of the Adriatic and the golf course at Conero are 40 minutes drive away. The nearest town for shopping and supplies is San Severino Marche, rich in art and history, ancient Piceno city, then Roman municipality under the name Septempeda and now a destination for cultural tourism. Furthermore we are in the heart of the Marche, where every town has much to tell and to show.

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  Marche Rustico
Properties in need of restoration in Le Marche

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